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Design & Development

We design and develop your corporate signage and POP products from scratch. All you have to do is describe your needs and send us your logo! This process consists of 3 separate stages:

1. Visual Identity Design: Sketches and 3D renders! We start with numerous unique proposals which are gradually refined and narrowed-down to your selection.

2. Signage Development & Sampling: We choose the ideal materials and most effective production techniques. We develop the prototypes, manufacture your pilot signage and construct a realistic site in order to present your new signage in its natural environment. And if you are not satisfied with the result, we make the necessary changes and present it again!

3. Technical Manual: The final stage of the process: the technical manual is a book describing all technical aspects of your finalized products: materials, installation guide, production equipment and methodology used.. all the information you will need to recreate and mass produce your signage!

Project Reference: EKO